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01-04-03 Early in the day Ed and Ryan travel to Rabbit Ears Pass just East of Steamboat to snowmobile. Jen and Bob decide to take a well deserved day off. It was probably best because after 30 miles of wild bumpy trails (and a little wandering around - not that we were lost!!!) Ryan finds his dream- a mega-steep hill with everybody climbing it. The Rev 800 shows it's stuff by climbing the hill- 121 inch track and all. This was against mountain sleds, mostly modified. It was rumored that Ed's Polaris 600 didn't quite make it to the very top, but since the guys forgot to bring a camera on this very important hill climbing competition- IT'S ALL JUST HEARSAY !!!!


01-04-03 After the rumored trip to Rabbit Ears Pass, we travel the 2 hours to Vail Ski Area (Vail= huge bowls [Ya- of alcohol too] and powder). We stay at the Evergreen Lodge, $150/night slopeside (Ed makes the deal). Sports Bar, restaurant, heated outdoor pool, Jacuzzi and don't forget slopeside too. Excellent. We check in, shower, do a 1 hour nap and head over to Keystone (1 hr car ride over Vail Pass) for the Fondue Fest. Here you hop on the River Run Gondola to the top, transfer with your blanket (seen above) to the Outback Gondola  and arrive at the Outpost. Here you are at 11,477 feet in the huge Outpost Lodge. Fondue reservations are taken Wed-Sat evenings 5-9 pm.



01-04-03 The Alpenglow Stube, also located at the Outpost at 11,477 feet. Fine eating here all day long. If you come in with wet skiboots they lend you furry slippers/ This was a little too many $$$$$'s for our taste.



01-04-03 Fondue feasting at it's best. Still not cheap. Adults $50/person. But a wicked experience. Of all the mountaintop eateries we ranked this the best bang for the buck. Remember too that Keystone has a huge night skiing complex, top to bottom.



01-04-03 After a Caesar salad and the Cheese Fondue this is the main course. You cook your own lobster, shrimp, beef, chicken, tuna, etc... (you pick 2) on the racklette grille. It's electrically powered. Underneath the grille are little trays that you melt racklette cheese or things like garlic and butter to make dipping sauces. Last course- chocolate fondue. They weigh you before allowing you to get back onto the gondola, just in case you ate too much.



01-04-03 Good idea to make a reservation at the Keystone Resort Dinner Reservation Line. The place was busy. even at 11pm. Hey, roving musicians and everything !!!!



01-05-03 Ryan and Jen are  a little tired from the Fondue Fest so Ed heads to the mountain early and Bob at noon. Checkout the ice sculpture by the Covered Bridge entrance to Vail Village.  Remember- never ski (or snowmobile) faster than your guardian angel can fly.



01-05-03 Later that day we checkout Lancelot's for dinner. Do not go without a reservation. Fancy dining.




01-05-03 Typical Vail Village scenery. Be sure to visit at night too for the lights.




Ryan and Jen by the angel at night. Wicked photo opportunities here- The angel, Christmas trees and two goobers.


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