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Wyoming 02/03 - Page 7


12-31-02 Another neat snowcoach.



12-31-02 Done. 113 miles and we're out of the Park.



12-31-02 Packing up for what we thought was the end of the snowmobiling segment of the trip. Later we would sled Rabbit Ears Pass while in Steamboat, Colorado.



12-31-02 We pass a recent accident while leaving South Yellowstone and traveling to Jackson Hole Ski Area. Everybody was OK. This was in a 15 mph zone. The roads were the typical snowy glaze common out West. When these condition were present it added a lot of additional time onto our planned traveling schedule.


01-01-03 The Gang arrives at Jackson Hole Ski Area for some serious vertical footage (4300+ vertical) skiing. They had just had a storm and the skiing was excellent. There is a lot of development going on at the base of Jackson Hole and prices are rising. The Racquet Club just out of the village is a reasonably priced area. You will need your car to get to the hill, but you'll save big $$$.



01-01-03 Ryan cruises down Rendezvous Bowl. Located off the Tram, on the backside. Excellent steep skiing. There really is no easy way down. Patrollers set yellow poles in a wide traverse on the skiers right hand side of the bowl to mark the easiest (if there was one) way down. Good luck. Stop at Corbett's Cabin for eats at the very top, no crowds because of the fear factor.



01-01-03 Jen braved the top and had a great time skiing Rendezvous with Ryan and Ed. At the bottom Of Rendezvous Bowl are the Hobacks on the skiers right. Excellent tree skiing when there's a storm. The sun gets to them from the South, so they are typically best skiied during a storm. After that the sun makes them crispy.



01-01-03 Last run late in the day. That's Ryan and Jen right in the middle of Rendezvous, the only ones in the bowl. Time to head down to the Mangy Moose, the best bar in the Village. Their connected restaurant is good too.


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