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Wyoming 02/03 - Page 6


12-31-02 Bright early we pack up to leave West Yellowstone. This time Ryan and Jen are traveling through Idaho to the Flagg Ranch at the South entrance of Yellowstone. Bob and Ed are traveling North and clockwise around the park. There's basic food items and fuel about every 45 miles.


12-31-02 First we see Buffalo hanging out by Norris. Notice the burnt trees in the distance. We saw this everywhere in the Park that we traveled.


12-31-02 Once in Canyon we stopped for food and fuel. The Park Service had a large mobile trailer setup with a woodstove. The Ranger gave an excellent talk on wolves, very interesting. We stayed for quite awhile.


12-31-02 Here's lunch, take your pick. Burritos, hamburgers and hotdogs. All frozen. This must be a 4 year supply. Actually lunch was OK.


12-31-02 Lower Falls. We thought this was good.


12-31-02 But then we saw this. Upper Falls. Awesome. Thermals and everything. This was out on Artist Point.

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12-31-02 A Partridge? We don't know. But you should have seen him drive that 500.


12-31-02 Hard to see, but these otters were fishing and playing around.


12-31-02 Typical trail condition while we were in the Park. Much more snow East and South.


12-31-02 Mud Volcano between Canyon and Fishing Village.


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