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Wyoming 02/03 - Page 5


12-29-02  Ryan, Jen and Ed gas up for the day. In West Yellowstone the entire town is snowmobile friendly. All the streets are glazed snow and OK to ride on. Traffic laws must be obeyed.


12-29-02 Typical trail at West Yellowstone if you travel to Idaho. One snowmobile registration is good for Wyoming and Montana, but Idaho wants their own $22.50. They do a great job grooming so it's worth it. This week was the Christmas vacation week so there was alot of sledders around and the trails were pretty beat late in the day. We were hitting the trails at 8am and we had them to ourselves except for the late day trip back to the Holiday Inn.


12-29-02 Ryan and Jen 2 up again on the Ski Doo Rev. Pretty neat feature. This was at the height of the Two Tops trail. A very neat destination with an excellent view and lots of open space to explore. Unfortunately it was completely socked in. We had to follow the poles spaced 20-30 feet apart to navigate. Oh Well- we cruised down to Enos to cook our own steaks/chicken on their inside grille. Reasonable prices and right on the Big Sky Trail Head.


12-29-02 Ohhhhhh the new Ski Doo 1000cc 4 stroke V Twin. Neat-o. And unbelievably quiet too. We checked it out while gasing up.


12-30-02 We get up not so bright, but early and have breakfast in bed- West Yellowstone style. Cereal in the in-room coffee pot. Hey it works to cook soup too !!!! Anyways we were on the trail at 8am. Buy the way, if you stay at the Holiday Inn, they do have a neat breakfast room service card that you fill out by 1am and hang on your door knob (outside on the hall side smarty). It's cheaper and faster than going to the hotels restaurant. And you don't have to eat out of the coffee pot either, they have bowls. 


12-30-02 Zooming up to Two Tops again. Visibility was again 20-30 feet. But we really did enjoy seeing the poles again (see it there ?). So off to lunch again, this time at the Aspen. Open 8-2 with breakfast anytime. The meals were priced well and huge servings. Consider splitting a plate if you eat small.


12-30-02 Coming down the backside of Lions Head on our way to lunch.


12-30-02 Stopping at Adventure Sports by the Aspen, Jen considers a "real" sled for herself- A Polaris. Ryan kills the deal being afraid it will beat his 800 Rev.


12-30-02 The snow depths were good, especially for early season in Idaho. I'm not sure how it was possible, but here's a picture of Ryan with his 800 Rev buried while going downhill. Luckily a cat man was nearby to help.


12-30-02 You don't see this very often. The Ski Doo dealer in West Yellowstone stores their sleds upstairs. Every day they go up and down this ramp. Neat.

Tomorrow see some excellent pictures when Bob and Ed complete their circle of Yellowstone, a 113 mile day.


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