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12-27-02 On the Yellowstone Park roads to West Thumb. This area of the park was pretty much burnt out by the 1988 Park fire. The burnt trees are eerie. But no problem, the new growth trees are booming.


12-27-02 The first of many waterfalls in the Park.


12-27-02 Arriving at West Geyser Basin we park and get ready to checkout the sights. We had few crowds with the West entrance still closed.


12-27-02 The shoreline at West geyser Basin was too cool. Actually hot too !!!! Thermals everywhere. The water never freezes here because of the thermal activity. Otters come to fish in the open water.


12-27-02 Here's a few snow coaches on their way to Old Faithful. These babies hum right along at about 30-35 mph so you're passing them all the time (even Jen !!!!). Basically the Parks speed limit for sleds was 45mph. Most of these coaches were built in the early 1980's by the same company that built them in the 40's for WW2.


12-27-02 Here it is the main attraction- Old Faithful. Spouting 102-178 feet every 94 minutes. Unfortunately I took a digital video of the geyser doing it's thing and forgot to take a still picture (with all the excitement and all). Guess you'll just have to go to Yellowstone and see it for real. Well worth the trip. We stayed for the night in the Old Faithful complex. The rooms and food are great.


12-28-02 Bob gets ready to dust off the sled covers for the ride back (Ryan made us pack the covers in, he didn't want any snow on his new snowmobile). During the night the West entrance received a bunch of snow and opened for snowmobile travel. Ryan and Jen took advantage and road out to the town of West Yellowstone, a distance of about 30 miles from Old Faithful. Bob and Ed road South and East to Fishing Village (which also opened overnight) gassed up, and then backtracked to the South entrance (100 miles) to the parked car/trailer. Then they trailered to West Yellowstone through Idaho (you can't take trailers over Teton Pass) a distance of 240 miles. Ryan and Jen owe Bob and Ed big time. Oh well- they did find an excellent hotel in West Yellowstone for the group. We stayed at the Holiday Inn. Big rooms, reasonable rates. For dinner checkout Bullwinkles.


12-28-02 Ryan preps the sleds for the evening. The trailer was great. We would run the sleds inside for good lighting and heat, do the maintenance and then either store them inside or typically cover them up for the night. It snowed and blew the 3 days we were in the Park. This picture was taken our first evening in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn at West Yellowstone.

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