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Please checkout the several pages following of pictures taken starting 12-18-02. This is a cross-country trip starting from Gilford, NH  for the purpose of snowmobiling, skiing, jeeping and mountain biking. Our original plans are to start by snowmobiling Togwotee Pass, Wyoming and then just to travel where we want to. Our only reservations are at Cowboy Village in Togwotee, Wyoming on the 21st of December.

We outfitted a 2002 26ft. Southwest trailer to carry our 4 snowmobiles. We built a mini shop inside with good lighting (12v and 110v) heat, workbench and mucho shelving to store "stuff". We originally were going to carry a restored CJ-7 and the 4 sleds- but 4 sleds and the CJ weren't even close to fitting in the trailer, so we dropped the CJ from our plans. We figured we would just rent a slightly lifted CJ in Moab, Utah.

This first picture here is a preview of the scenery and is out of order.

12-24-02 Bob, Ed, Ryan and Jen (left to right) checking out the Tetons while traveling the Continental Divide Trail in Wyoming.




12-17-02 Ryan and his buddy Matt make some last minute additions to the trailer. 12v halogen lighting was installed for when we had no 110v hookup. Our last minute additions were finished at 2am.


12-18-02 Loaded and ready to go !!!!! 4pm on the 18th. We were a little tired from the 2am work schedule and had a problem with the prewired harness for the electronic brake controller. We figured it out though and got on the road.


12-18-02 The rig handled well. We had the correct balance first shot. We did move a few items forward and backward to test the balance out, but the way we loaded the trailer first was right on. Here Ryan takes us through NY in the rain.


12-18-02 Bob as copilot and primary navigator kept us on course.


12-18-02 Jen, Ryan and Ed (taking the self portrait while driving) were the troublemakers. Always wanting to do more. Here we're doing a little lunch on the road from our favorite eatery- Wendy's. We highly recommend the #6 combo (spicy chicken sandwich) if your doing big miles on the road. That guy Dave does a great job with chicken. Thanks Barb for the Wendy's gift certificates. And the fact that we were eating for free at Wendy's had no influence at all on our choice for the best eatery.


12-20-02 Jen catching some much needed Z's.


12-21-02 While on the road Jen opts to go for the Jackalope express. We did convince her to finally get back into the Suburban by baiting her with a Wendy's #6 combo, Ryan slammed the door behind her and she was trapped.

12-21-02 One of our many fuel stops.


12-21-02 Finally arriving at Cowboy Village, Wyoming Bob sets up camp in our log cabin. The distance was 2400 miles door to door. We could have done the distance in 3 days but opted to hit Cowboy Village early afternoon the 4th day because of snowy road conditions.


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