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12-21-02 The base elevation at Cowboy Village was 8700ft. All the sleds would have to be rejetted with smaller main jets for the thinner air. Ed did quickly try the stock jets but the sleds ran wicked fat (rich on fuel). Here Ryan rejets his 2003 Ski Doo 800 Rev. Ed's Polaris XC600SP went from 430 mains to 320's. The next day after 124 miles both Ed and Ryan dropped their jet needles 1 notch too. This leaned out the midrange fuel supply. Our highest elevation was just under 10,000ft at the height of Togwotee Pass.


12-21-02 Ed, Ryan and Jen just can't wait and head right out for a 36 mile run. 2 inches of new on a groomed base was OK for the first ride.


12-22-02 Ed, Ryan and Jen traveling by the Pinnacles.


12-22-02 The Pinnacles


12-24-02 Ryan and Jen carefully select just the right Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve. Ed also brought 2 strings of Christmas lights for the log cabin. It was a Merry X-mas eve.


12-25-02 Christmas dinner at the Pinnacle Buttes Lodge. It was awesome. A 50 mile ride to the feast, and a short 25 miler back. Wait till you see the shotgun shell Christmas lights we bought. Sheila will just love them. If you are on the trail in this area, be sure to try this eatery out. It was by far the best food and conversation.


12-25-02 Also only at The Pinnacle Buttes Lodge was Anne the amazing wonder dog. She entertained everyone by playing dead, jumping up and biting a talking fish, and even tearing apart boxes at times. Be sure to ask Sally (owner and wonder cook) to see Anne.


12-25-02 Ed and Ryan warm up while doing a little maintenance on the sleds. What better a way to spend Christmas day than to be with their loved ones (you know the snowmobiles). We had plans to install a vented heated in the trailer but time ran out. This 23,000 BTU heater actually did a great job for the trip.

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