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01-09-03 Home Sweet Home in New Hampshire. We get ready to unload the trailer at Bobs. Hey- there's a lot of snow here too !!!!



01-09-03 We unload and get set to celebrate at about 3pm. Excellent trip. Truck undamaged - trailer undamaged - No mechanical breakdowns on either - All 4 snowmobiles undamaged - All 4 snowmobiles had no mechanical breakdowns - No injuries in the group. What were the chances ???



  • No damage to the 2003 Chevy Suburban w/ 8.1 L engine

  • No damage to the 2003 26ft Southwest trailer

  • No mechanical repairs needed for either the truck or trailer

  • All 4 snowmobiles undamaged

  • No mechanical repairs needed for the snowmobiles

  • No physical injuries in the group of 4 while snowmobiling or skiing

  • Total distance traveled by truck- 6056 miles

  • Average speed by truck- 49 mph

  • Average fuel mileage by truck- 7mpg

  • Total distance traveled by snowmobile (varied by sled) 1200 miles

  • Total sparkplugs and belts changed during trip- 0

  • Price of gasoline $1.35 to $1.75 per gallon

  • Total DVD's watched while traveling- 8

  • Total times the truck and trailer swayed wildly while passing a semi- 1

  • Total Buffalo seen- 200+

  • Total Bald Eagles seen- 2 (1 flying along above us while snowmobiling @ 30 mph)

  • Total Otters seen- 5

  • Total Elk, Moose, Mule Deer seen- 300+

  • Total Wolves seen- 2 (both skinned by the ranger)

  • Maximum speed while traveling by truck- 85 mph

  • Maximum speed while snowmobiling- 100 mph

  • Big hill climbs that Ryan couldn't get up on the 800 Ski-Doo- 1 (and had to be rescued)

  • Big hill climbs that Ed couldn't get up on the 600 Polaris- 1 (hearsay- there are no pictures)

  • Big hill climbs that Bob and Jen didn't give a damn about- 2

  • Price for pasta, drink and brownie at Vails Two Elks Lodge- $24.50

  • Total times the Suburban got stuck and had to be shoveled out with avalanche shovels- 1

  • Total chips in the windshield- 2 (happened immediately in Wyoming from road grit)

  • Total chips in the hood paint- 1 (from road grit stones bouncing along the hood)


We hope you have enjoyed the trip

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Stop by for our 2003/2004 trip next Winter. It's going to be jeepers paradise in Moab, Utah. We're trailering at least 2 jeeps (CJ-7, TJ) out for some serious 4 wheeling. Drop us an email if you're interested in joining the group.