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Wyoming 02/03 - Page 12


01-07-03 Bright and early we leave our beloved Evergreen Lodge. We decided that unless a big storm came in the previous night we would head home back East. Everybody packed it up and we were gone...



01-07-03 This was pretty cool !! Solar powered radar animal detectors. If an animal approached the road the lights flashed warning drivers of the danger. Of course it also set off our radar detector so we were going slow anyway.



01-07-03 Somewhere in Nebraska typically driving 9am to 1am we could cover about 900 miles a day at about 75mph (the legal speed limit.) This included 3 gas stops in which one of we would eat real food. You know, like sit down, non-fast food. Motels were typically $35-$65 per room.



01-08-03 Crossing the Mississippi  between Iowa and Illinois. This is one BIIIIIIIG river.



01-08-03  Sunset in Ohio while traveling.



01-08-03 Cleveland, Ohio dressed up for the holidays. A very pretty city. As far as we could tell from I-80 anyways.



01-08-03 Mark this one down !! The nicest rest stop on I-80 East. Located where I-80 and I-90 come together. Clean. 8 stores, some with great food.



01-08-03 Our last night on the road. Just West of Syracuse, NY we stop for our last night on the road. We were slowed down by the snow and called it a night, hoping it would be clear by the morning.



01-09-03 Our last day on the road. No luck with the snow ending that night. We opted for better roads through Massachusetts (I-90)  rather then do the shortcut through Vermont winding roads. It was a good choice. Going over the mountains in Vermont is actually a chore while towing a 26 foot trailer.



01-09-03 OOPs!! Looks like an overloaded truck in NY on I-80. Bent right in half. Bagged by the DOT too. Loser.


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