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Wyoming 02/03 - Page 10


01-06-03 On what turns out to be our last day skiing, we're up for sunrise and an unbelievably long day skiing- 8:45am to 5:15pm.



01-06-03 The gang at the top of Mountaintop Lift #4 ready to ski the Northwoods Tail down to the Northwoods Express Quad #11. A great long run with lots of variations for all abilities. Just drop left early for harder terrain, you'll still meet everyone at lift #11 because you're all in the same drainage. Also if there hasn't been a recent storm- get a grooming report and hit those trails first for a smooth start.



01-06-03 The bottom of Teacup Bowl with Sun Up in the distance.



01-06-03 The bottom of China Bowl. Yonder is on your right looking up.



01-06-03 Ryan about to jump "Dragons Tooth", aptly named. Last time he did this he was about 12 and chipped his tooth on the flat landing. Maybe they should rename this rock- "Chipper".



01-06-03 Ski cuts and recent avalanche action. I wonder why this area is permanently closed?



01-06-03 Ready for lunch now, the gang heads for the Two Elks lodge. Burnt to the ground by eco terrorists the lodge was rebuilt larger and is a very popular eating destination on the mountain.



01-06-03 Ryan catches a snooze at Two Elks.



01-06-03 Aliens attacked us after lunch with spiked helmets, fortunately they were all on snowboards and the skiers easily defeated them.



01-06-03 Anyone for "bowling"?



01-06-03 Later in the day we stopped at Buffalos (top of lift #4) for a quick snack/rest stop before tackling the Minturn Mile. There were a bunch of hungry Gray Jays (Canadian Jays)  flying around and picking up handouts, literally. If these birds had been wearing the spiked helmets instead of the snowboarders- the world as we know it today would have been lost.


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