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Steamboat Ski Area, Colorado - Page 1

December 16, 2006 - January ??, 2007


12-16-06 11:39AM Julie, Sheila and Ed all set to travel to Steamboat, Colorado in the just detailed Suburban. Look at that baby shine, isn't she beautiful? Hey it's the car I'm talking about. Anyways- Julie did the food shopping and most of the packing, Sheila made all the reservations for the condo and lift tickets and Ed prepped the Suburban. Somebody remind Ed the next time it's not a smart idea to stay up the 3 nights before a big trip till after 1AM. But with a bunch of help from Ryan and the guys at the Marina, we're on our way.

The plan is to travel to Steamboat and ski for about 2 weeks. Julie hopefully has a job with the Billy Kidd Performance Center. The previous year Julie was offered the job by the director, because of her excellent turns. Sheila put the trip together in less than 3 weeks. First we were staying in a motel, then she found a 2 bed/bath condo for $100/nite. It sounds almost too good to be true, but we sent a deposit and we have our fingers crossed it's not a dive. We hope to travel to Steamboat in 2.5 days. 2100 miles.



Sheila takes her late afternoon turn driving while Ed takes a power nap. The GPS and the radar detector are 2 very helpful tools in navigating. We mapped the trip using Microsoft Streets and Trips 2007. Ed fells it's better than the free Map Quest software. We also carry a Rand McNally Atlas. Using all these tools you can find your way through just about anything, before you actually get there.


Out back Julie minds the cooler. Sometimes things get a little disorderly back there too. No problem though, she has 2100 miles to clean things up. We also borrowed Ryan's trusty 4ft, already lit Christmas tree. Koleen was more than happy to pull it out of the cellar and wave good riddance to it. We insisted that we bring it back to it's rightful owners. She then bribed us with a traveling supply of her chocolate chip cookies, she's way too smart. It's off to Steamboat with the tree, and the cookies.


12-18-06 There's 2 things you're going to see a lot of traveling I-80 from NH to Colorado. #1- Trucks for as far as the eye can see-


12-18-06 And #2- Corn, for as far as the eye can see. It's just amazing the food that this country can produce. No wonder they're adding 10% ethanol (corn alcohol) to our gasoline. It's plentiful and helps the energy situation with a domestic solution. 


12-18-06 Now here's something you don't expect to see, anywhere. A covered bridge over I-80 in Nebraska. Actually it's a museum displaying artifacts about the Prairie Crossing and Settlers of our great country. Very interesting the hardships our ancestors went through to make a living way back when. If you think you have it hard now, read up for a reality check.


12-19-06 The first day skiing 2006 for Ed, Sheila and Julie. It was early season, but still even the backcountry slopes were ok. A couple saplings but no rocks.

We travel 500, 900 and then 700 miles per day. 2.5 days as planned. It's amazingly warm as we travel cross country. 60F in most areas. No snow till Wyoming. The Suburban does a great job, without any mechanical issues. 12.8 MPG, which is actually good for the loaded SUV. Hey- the Marina recycled 99% of our shrinkwrap, we can use a little fuel to go see the USA.


12-19-06 Finally-Skiing. With a lot of late evenings and major decisions being made at the Marina, it's time to relax. Thanks to everyone for all your understanding and help, past and present. No one person can do it alone.


12-19-06 Julie does get her job at the Billy Kidd Center. She's worked hard at High School, graduating a year early, and then finishing her first semester at UVM the day before we leave on the trip. Good job Julie. This trip was really her idea.


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