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December 16, 2006 - January ??, 2007


12-20-06 3:31PM Late the second day skiing. Ed with the "thumbs up" as a storm starts to wind up. It was cold for Steamboat, 6F. Usually they don't get a big dump when it's this cold. But this storm ended up laying down about 16 inches. The best skiing was actually late the second day, when everybody was too tired and had gone down the mountain. We stuck around late and had the slopes to ourselves.


12-21-06 7:41AM  Third day skiing. Looking  good in the overnight snow department. Had to uncover the Suburban.


12-21-06  Sheila's not afraid to run the side of the trail looking for freshies. No problem all day finding untracked lines. We were pretty tired but the skiing was too good to call it quits and head down. Steamboat does a great job, they leave the trails alone up top. All the grooming is on the lower front side.


12-21-06  Ed cutting brush on the side of the trail.  Early season you need to move those new saplings out of the way.


12-21-06 3PM and still smiling. Must be a good day. Our legs were really beat. 3 days skiing ungroomed. It was a lot for our first skiing of the year. Of course age had absolutely no bearing on the leg hurt factor. We were headed for the Steamboat Hot Springs after skiing. Right up to the 102F pool.


12-21-06 Our last run of the third day. The sun comes out. Now not only could you feel the snow, you could see it too. You definitely get re-energized with the sun out. But they were roping off all the back runs so we had to head down. This is The Storm Peak Express Quad . The terrain here is awesome. Ski the trees, let the kids take the open area.


12-21-06 Same run as the one above. Here's looking over towards the Thunderhead Lodge. All in the sun for the last run. If you ski Steamboat, Thunderhead is the top of the Gondola. It's more or less the staging area for leaving packs, having lunch, etc... We started going to the Stoker Bar on the first floor. No stairs, good bathrooms, waiters, comfy chairs, a view and about the same cost as the cafeteria.

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