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Jeeping Martinsburg, NY 2004

We do this trip every other year. It's 7 hours one way and we have to do it over 3 short days so it's a loooong drive. But the Jeeping terrain is great, so of course it's worth it. (OK-OK, I'm convinced) Anyways- our good Jeeping buddies there hold us a spot. They all volunteer for the Martinsburg Fire Department, who is the sponsor of this event. All the proceeds go to the Fire Department. The local landowners open their gates for the event. The primary attraction here is MUD. The only problem is it's real deep, and 35inch tires are not big enough. 40's or 44's are best. So we go in the #2 group and leave the snorkel stuff to the bigger rigs. Even so- we usually loose an engine or transmission. Or worse- both.


All setup at the camp ground. This was one site. $12. Nice.


Already dark after the 7 hour drive. In 2004- Ed, Ryan, Bob, JD and Chris made the event. We had a late start, but didn't have to frig with the Jeeps once there.


The campground had electrical hookups so we were styling with the 110 volts lights on. Ryan was drinkmaster and brewed up some frozen margaritas and Pina-Coladas.  Hey college taught that kid alot.


Jeeping videos too. Wow !! Forget about wrecking the Jeeps tomorrow, we'll just hang out here.


Chris- our toolmaster, gets the tools lined up for tomorrow. We usually spend quite a bit of time helping others out mechanically.



Drivers meeting. Chris gets a talking to because his rear tow point fell off by pulling on it by hand. Opps, Ed's idea.



Group #2. There were 5 groups. Rated by the Jeeps ability. This group had to have- rear locker, 33 inch or bigger tires, minimum 4 inch suspension lift, front and rear tow points, good spare tire. Our group was not the largest. The event sells out with previous participants getting first grabs.



A group drivers meeting on safety issues.



One of the smaller "holes". This guys ready for another run...



Here's the infamous "Jeep Eater". A pretty basic Cherokee just lucked out by being first in line and having a solid bottom to run on. So- he made it. This Dodge did not. AND he made a huge hole for us. Damn those full size rigs. This guy needs to go with 44's and move up to the #1 group.


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