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Vail, Colorado   Day 9   01-23-05


Day 9 Our last day together out West. We opt for skiing at Vail since it's on the way back to Denver International Airport. We have to drop off Ryan there by 11:00am the next day. We stay at the Evergreen Lodge in West Vail. $150 a night for a huge room. What we really needed was the huge parking lot, and the Evergreen has it. Here's Ryan skiing Champagne Glades at Blue Sky Basin, Vail. The snow was excellent in the trees, just damn good everywhere else.


Lunch at Blue Sky Basin Hut. They have electric grilles for you to use, bring your own food. Bring your own alcohol at this lodge too. Just stash it early, ski till you drop, then hang here with friends, get happy and make your way back to Vail proper. It takes a full 1 hr plus to get back to Lions Head even if you boogy.


Ryan talking to his lady, Koleen. Soon to be his partner.



Chris and Ryan going crazy in the bowl. The suns getting low. Why do we always have this problem with the sun? We just want to do more in fewer days...



Hairbag alley. A neat gully over by the Northwoods Lift. Excellent side hilling.



We leave Vail Ski Area through a backcountry access gate and ski down to the town of Minturn. There's the Minturn Saloon. Margaritas by the picture, salsa in 5 gallon buckets and chips in garbage cans. Excellent. We even hooked up with a couple kids who gave us a ride to the Saloon on their snowmobiles. Saved a mile hike, cost $4. Such a deal. Ryan's talking to Koleen while dehydrating. We all had to stay hydrated well in Colorado. You can never be too careful about hydration.



After hydrating at the Saloon, we wander over to the Minturn Country Club to cook our own meal and decide we'd better keep hydrating. Be sure to stop at the club too if you're in Minturn.



Yup- Here we are hydrating, that grille really dries you out.

That's our last group pic. We had to get a taxi back to the Evergreen Lodge and pack-up for hitting the road the next day. Easy pack job. The Jeeps were all set from Moab. So it was really just our ski gear. The airport was right off of I-70. We dropped Ryan off curbside at United. The new national security officers came over for a look, but after checking us out, wished us a good trip.


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