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Moab 2005- Page 7



Finally- White Knuckle Hill. Check this out. You get to drive Jeeps here.

Ed did a little rock stacking here to prevent a forward rollover with the CJ.


Our master plan was to drive Chris's Grand one-half way down the event, strap it to a big rock and then winch the CJ via its rear tow point to prevent a forward rollover. Worked awesome. Ed asked Chris to feed the winch cable as fast possible so the the CJ did it on its own. Unfortunately we were nervous enough that we didn't get any good pics.


Down and out of the way. Your turn Chris



OK, Master plan Part-2. The Grand has a longer wheelbase so it was less likely to do a forward roll. But- this hill was far enough out in the desert that we didn't want to take any chances. We don't see this stuff in NH (other than in our dreams) (most people see it in their nightmares). So here's the plan- we strap the Grand off the roof rack and Ed and Ryan hold onto the strap to prevent a rollover. Ryan's idea.



It's working. Here we are setting up for the big drop. The Grand did bounce a little on the drop, but it would have been OK without the strap. Hey- now we know.



Kids will play...



The Lasalles, as we loose our sunlight. Our best day yet. Again we're driving out in the dark. The trail was easy from here on. We were following the tracks from a vehicle with 44's. Unfortunately, he got lost, so we were also. No problem, no rush.



You ever get the feeling some bodies watching you? Here's a little owl that was hanging out on a road sign. Ed backed up to get a few pics.


Moab   Day-8   01-22-05

Day 8 We had a bright early start to go out and climb Moab Rim. A really neat, technical trail. But- it was not to be. On our way to the trailhead Chris's left rear tire jumped off and went down the road with a mind of its own. Nobody hurt. No big damage. A good laugh when we hopped out of our Jeeps.



Till the Cops showed up.

All was cool. The Sheriff had a rig himself. Once he heard we had wheeled White Knuckle Hill, he took the cuffs off (Chris had been kind of excited about the body cavity search part).



Ed demonstrates the easy (????) way to compress your brake slave cylinder while on the road. Total damage- brake rotor, pads and 5 lug nuts. The rim was a little goofy too. Good we had a full spare. The event are up our morning, and since we had to be in Vail that evening, it scrubbed our trip up Moab Rim. We were all disappointed. But- hey, now we had an excellent, undisputable reason to come back next year !!!!



This is what happens to your socket trays after banging around in your Jeep for 8 days. You get a pile-o-tools. Nice.


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