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Moab 2005- Page 6


We meet back up with some of our Jeeping friends that had helped us down Sky-Dive and up Up-Chuck. One vehicle was a 1977 Bronco. It was completely restored, NICE. No rust, dents, nothing. Original except for some wheelin accessories. A small lift, tires, lockers, etc... He was being pretty careful with it. When Chris couldn't make Up-Chuck, the Bronco gave it a whirl. But no luck. Even with the lockers. It looked to Ed and Chris that he had way too much air pressure in his tires and the rubber wasn't laying down. Ed then went to 12psi in the CJ and powered up Up-Chuck.


Our new buddies and some awesome scenery...


Picture frame arch


Deluxe scenery...


Rockin conditions for wheelin...


Ryan enjoying the Utah Blue Skies. The CJ enjoying being out of the mud for a change. We always seem to be stuck in the mud (Not literally).


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