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Moab 2005- Page 5



AH- we finally make the Golden Crack during daylight hours. Ryan and Chris take full advantage by driving over it several times. Without any rock stacking. Ryan says that's cheating. Ed says that in the dark and low on fuel-it's legal. Anyways everything clears on the CJ except the trailer hitch tow strap point just bumps the slickrock


Don't they ever get tired of this stuff?



Ryan negotiating the "Staircase". Tight. OK for a short wheelbase truck. Chris's Grand rubbed the rear transfer case U-joint against the first step and had to bypass.



Who would have guessed? We're on the Gold Bar Rim trail and it's dark. This time we brought extra batteries for the flashlights.



A classic shot. Their faces tell it all. Are we having fun or what?



Behind the Rocks Trail- Day 7


02-21-05 First obstacle. Right off the trailhead. Completely covered with frost. Both Jeeps made it without winching but it took a bunch of dirt throwing and rock stacking.


Hey- Who you looking at? Free range cows.


Blue skies, Weird rock formations, 60F. NICE !!!!


Chris takes the Grand down Sky Dive. Aptly Named. See the wide angle shot of the decent below. You must have a spotter and he'd better be good. There's no backing up or turning around. Get the wrong line and you're stuck, literally. Ryan guides Chris well here. It was early so the frost is on the rock again. Bad stuff that frost. Ed threw a bunch of sand on the frosty areas and that helped a bunch. The CJ bypassed this trick also.


Good angle of Sky-Dive behind Ryan and the Grand's front end. This side of the ravine is named "Up-Chuck". Poor angle of it here but it's big boulders with a couple big vertical ruts. Here's Chris stuck in a rut. This was the only place that we had to winch up.  As you'll see later, we did winch the CJ down one super steep decent... The CJ did make this obstacle in good form.



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