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Moab 2005- Page 3


Fins and Things Trail- Day 3

Day 3 in Moab. In the morning we caught up with some mechanical maintenance on both Jeeps. The CJ's exhaust header, ball joint bolts kept loosening up and the emergency brake cable kept popping out of the pedal. Chris's Grand had a slow brake fluid leak from a damaged line. We had to splice in a piece of new line. We had forgotten our flare tool but found one at a local parts store for $7.95, and it was a decent one too. Chris also drained his transfer case, refilled and added some Lucas Oil Treatment. This cured an overheating problem the case had. Cheap fix. We got out on Fins and Things Trail after lunch.


Fins and Things is a neat trail. It goes up and down petrified sand dunes over and over. You really get good traction on this stuff. The grades are extreme, but no match for our Jeeps (with lockers fully engaged). You have to crawl, no wheels spinning, that looses traction. Sometimes a little bit faster roll up to the obstacle helps, it's a momentum thing.


This would not be a good place to use your momentum. Excellent traction.


We finally figured out why CJ's have those flat front fenders. They're just perfect to set Salsa and Cheese on. Hey- that Mountain Dew better not leave a ring. 55F. All sun. Back in New England they were getting rain and then single digit temps at this time.


See the trail markers?, a dinosaur with fins. Chris keeps it in low range, 1st gear. No brakes, that would cause the tires to skid, bad news...


Sunset over the CJ. Day 3 in Moab was another great one. One more day and then Ryan flies in. We plan to do Hells Revenge Trail early so we can get up to Salt Lake City, Utah and pickup Ryan at the airport.



Hells Revenge Trail- Day 4


01-18-05  Day 4 in Moab. Here we are on the Hells Revenge Trail. Another really neat trail. Similar to Fins and Things, but with much longer and steeper inclines. The trail is appropriately marked by little flames painted onto the slickrock.


The CJ-7 descending one of the typical ridges in Moab.


Wow- Do not stall here. Wicked traction. Do not spin those tires.


Yes- Jeeps drive into this "hole" and then try to drive up and out. Talk about commitment. Real luckily we didn't have to "chicken out", it had a bunch of water and ice in the bottom. Chris tried to walk down by the water/ice and check the depth with a stick. Not easy. It was steep enough that we would have had to use a line to get near the bottom.


Chris backs the Grand down as far as he dares. A vehicle with front and rear lockers could probably climb the incline. A roll over is very likely.


Here's the last obstacle on Hells Revenge, "Tip over Challenge". Ed bypassed this one with the CJ-7. He claimed that it, "was a great and and why wreck it with possible body damage". Chris figured, "what the heck, the Grand will have matching dents". Whatever. Chris made it after a few attempts. You do tip quite a bit too.


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