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Moab 2005  01-24-05  Page 9


Back on the road again. Here's sunrise over IOWA-80. The biggest truck stop in the world. I believe it. The ground shakes from all the trucks idling. We slept here for 4-6 hours.


Chris making the best of it at IOWA-80. Not too bad. the Suburban had lots of room outback.



Here's that crazy Prairie exhibit in Nebraska. We've stopped and checked it out. It's worth stopping once.



We stopped here to sleep too. The ground didn't shake. They had a truck wash for semi's and a scale so the truckers knew for sure if they were legal. We saw one State that weighed you as you were traveling in a slow lane. They would flash you to pull off if you were overweight.



Sunrise in Nebraska



We did get caught in a storm in New York. The visibility was so bad trucks were pulling over, so we had to also. We would have made it back in 2 days, but this cost us another night. Better safe than sorry. We did see rigs off the road throughout the trip. Nothing real bad, but it would kill our trip for sure. We made sure that we traveled at safe speeds in bad weather and didn't drive if we were both beat.



Hey- We're back. No problems traveling East. The CJ fired right up. She was happy to be home too. Soon she'll have Edelbrock multi-port fuel injection and an ARB switchable front locker. The fixed EZ-Locker is just too noisy and hard to steer at times. Impossible on tar.



We didn't wash the rigs on purpose when we loaded them in Moab. We'd let everybody ask where they got the weird red mud on them.


Chris gets set to drive out the Grand and Moab 2005 is over...


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