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12-22-00 Jackson Hole Ski Area. The ski area had been open but this was the first tram of the year for the 2000/2001 ski season. And North and South Hoback were open. Steep, gladed terrain. A big storm had blown in and we had hit it just right. Typically the Hobacks aren't open till mid/late January. First tracks with the patrollers. Everybody was psyched.


OOOOO, Corbet's Couloir. Nicely corniced too. Drop in on the skiers right, it's about a 10-15 footer. Nice steep landing. You have to get in a good turn to the right to avoid the rock wall on the left. Easy skiing below. If you fall, no problem, there's really nothing to hit in the runout.


Ryan getting in a little air time in the Hobacks. As you can see from all the brush, it's early in the season. After another 6-8 feet of snow this area will be buried completely.



We kept checking up on the Tahoe and the CJ. The storm kept up so we had to keep moving the trucks around for the snowplows. Everybody we ran into wanted the story on the CJ and the NH plates. We just told them we were on a mission to Moab with several stops along the way.



Ryan and Ed after the first day. We had really skied hard as we planned for a single day at Jackson. But, with more snow on the way, we ditched the schedule and stayed for 2 days. We rented some wider boards the next day and this helped the quads.


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