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12-21-00 Yellowstone National Park. We rent a couple sleds in West Yellowstone and head out on the road.  There are quite a few Dealerships where you can rent snowmobiles in West Yellowstone. Basically Main Street heads right out into the Park. At the Park Gate the Rangers go over all the Park rules with you. We immediately came upon a group of buffalo hanging out. The sleds didn't bother them and after a wait we were able to pass the group.


12-21-00 One big animal. They spent most of their time browsing for buried grass.


12-21-00 A snow coach. These carried about 8 people. It looked like a cool way to get around the Park.


12-21-00 Firehole Falls. Aptly named. This was a neat loop to travel. Here you can also see where the fires burned through the park years ago.


12-21-00 Wild moose. Are there any other type?


12-21-00 These two guys tried to con us into renting some longtracks, but we were too sharp for them. So they hung out and looted everybody's saddle bags. They were even able to open up the bag clasps. Some smart birds.


12-21-00 Ryan at Old Faithful, thumbs up.


12-21-00 Ryan stuck in the snow, thumbs down.


12-21-00 After a quick day of sleding in Yellowstone we head out. Seeing the park in the Winter is a real neat experience. 


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