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Mission Statement- Our mission. Our mission was to load as much stuff into the Tahoe and CJ as we could and head out skiing, biking and jeeping. Actually we didn't overdo it. The two carbon fiber Trek bikes (Y-30 and a Y-50) fit nicely into the cab on the 1983 Jeep CJ-7. Ryan had just finished a frame up restoration (yes- at one point he was actually wire brushing the bare frame) and we were pretty psyched to wheel in Moab, Utah. We transported the CJ on a open car trailer that Ed tweaked a bit by adding a plywood bed, better wiring and additional lighting. We carried our skiis up top in a large Thule 600 box. We had a second smaller box with camping gear. Inside the Tahoe our plan was to keep just clothing bags and we would sleep in the Tahoe aft. That was our plan. Ski some, jeep some, bike some, ski some more and head back home. We had 21 days open before Ryan had to be back at UVM.


12-16-00 We had planned to get on the road first thing in the morning, BUT, as fate would have it... We hadn't really packed yet. So- anyways we did finally get going all the way down to Concord, NH. a distance of 30 miles. We needed a couple more winch straps. After a few adjustments we had the CJ traveling fine.


12-16-00 While at Napa we ran into this dually Jeep rig. We tried to get him to join us on the trip to Moab. Unfortunately he didn't have enough gas money, but he wished us good luck several times.


12-16-00 We get ready to sack out for the evening in the Tahoe. We had been driving in freezing rain through New Hampshire, Vermont and into New York, so we were ready for a rest. 32 F and a drizzle is bad stuff. It was slightly above freezing and good sleeping.


12-17-00 OK, we're up and ready to get at it again. It warmed up during the night and the roads were wet, not black ice anymore. Ed on the left, Ryan on the right. The CJ is pretty shiny here.


12-17-00 The roads deteriorated again, but is was more snow than black ice. Much better?


12-17-00 Here we are parked with the big boys in Pennsylvania. More snow, but that's what we wanted, just not quite yet. We were traveling West on I-80 to Chicago, then up onto I-90 through South Dakota. We were not setting any mileage records for sure, but we did keep the rig going straight on the road.



12-18-00 Ryan snags some badly needed ZZZZZ's He did the evening driving, and we had some mileage to make up. Between the two of us we managed 1200 miles one day. 8am to 2 am. That's a day- right ????


12-18-00 Bad stuff. In fact bad stuff the entire way. All the way from NH. In South Dakota the Alberta Clipper was blowing from the North (right to left in the picture above) at about 30-50 mph. It wasn't really snowing but the snow in the fields was being blown around. You couldn't see ahead at all. Maybe one or two lines on the road ahead, and sometimes speeds of 35mph tops. One time snow blew through the passenger door seals, through the cab, and out the drivers door seals. Ryan and I just looked at each other in disbelief. We also had to pack a big blanket against the passenger door to stay warm on that side of the truck.


12-18-00 Wall Street Drug in South Dakota. Free ice water. It was kinda weird, but we needed a rest. This was our first real stop. Hey- the CJ still looks shiny.


12-18-00 7:45 AM and on the road to Big Sky, Montana. Still snowing..


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