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Jeeping Martinsburg, NY 2004

Page 2 More Fun

Ryan and JD's turn. Good shot, but the "Jeep Eater" is definitely thick and deep this year. Ryan gave it 1 shot.


But the TJ was looking bad. Water up over the sides. Gotta get those 44's next week.


Chris took a couple runs at it. Still too deep. even with the longer wheelbase.


Hey- can we get our donation back? There's a stump in here too. No fair. Ed made 3 runs at it. We have it on video. But- No luck. Just too soft a bottom (or no bottom at all). Everybody else did the bypass. Smart.


Chris's Grand after the fun. There was also a car wash, with donations going to the FD too. We skipped it this year.


The CJ all pretty. Ed had a big hunk of mud fly off his tires land right on his head. Nice. As if getting stuck wasn't embarrassing enough.


No fair- these guys cheat. Dana 60's and 44's. Made for mudding. Our rigs are really crawlers. We can articulate on the slickrock out in Moab. This CJ has the stock sway-bar setup. That's a major no-no when you're crawling. No independent articulation with that thing hooked up.


Here's the dash panel to that big CJ. Nothing special. These guys did have some canvases set up to keep most of the mud out. Good idea.



Chris liked the fenders/mud flaps. Nice chopped Grand too. He's going to do some metal work on his too.



Hey- I guess Ryan did do the wash thing. The coin op wash had a sign- "No washing heavily soiled cars".


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