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Jeeping 2004


10-23-04 Koleen and Ryan hop out of the Jeep while in the Jeep eater hole. So far the record is: Jeep eater hole-3 and Jeeps-0. Try as the Jeepsters may, nobody has made it.


10-23-04 Ryan, Koleen, Julie, Chris, Matt, Mike and Ed (seated) celebrate successful ascent of Whiteface mountain in Gilmanton, NH. It was pretty windy that night. We did a quick pic and headed down. Till...


10-23-04 Chris runs over a big rock. No problem Ed winched it out for him.


Brutus-0 Porcupine-1

Brutus thought he was doing pretty good keeping up with that porcupine. $217 later he was back to normal. OUCH...



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