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The Greenleaf Trail up Mt. Lafayette. Park in the Cannon Mountain tram parking lot. If you don't have a NH Hiking Parking sticker, you are OK here. You won't be ticketed. BUT- it's a good idea to get one anyways to support the trail system. And after you hike this trail you'll love hiking so much the $20 will be like peanuts.


To find the trailhead, head across the road under the bridge and head left- you'll see this sign. If you head up to the hut, you'll be in the treeline all the way. It usually takes about 2 hours to get to the hut in the wintertime. There's an awesome view from the hut- if it's clear. It wasn't on our trip, but still you have a great destination- the hut.


We looked over to see our good buddy, The Old Man on the Mountain...


But- alas he was gone. It seems unbelievable that such a feature cast in granite could be gone...


But we had brought along our own entertainment- Duke the wonder dog. At 10 months Duke is a real hiker. He covers about 3 times the distance that you do on a hike. Here he is testing the snow pack, or something...


Ed fired up a stove for soup. The side of the hut makes for an excellent shelter out of the wind. As long as you stay below tree line this is a real safe hike. Usually crampons aren't necessary. Bring em if you got em though.


Group shot- Ed, Chris, Ryan and Duke. Cloud level was almost exactly hut elevation. No summit views today. Oh well- next time.


One more pic and we were descending. Excellent hike. Try it.